Hemlockhill Glass Works
   Learn about the art of etching.
There are different ways to etch glass, sand blasting, acid etched, and grinding, each has a different texture and ability to etch glass in different way. Both clear glass and stained glass can be used in combination to achieve different colors or shades, also dyes can be used on clear glass to give the accents of color. Acid etching is harder to achieve varying textures, where as sand blasting and grinding gives the ability to use different grits, creating various shades of etching, etching both sides of glass also gives an additional set of textures.  


Natural lighting always enhances etched glass as the etch changes illumination and hue as the days change. Artificial lighting, angle, placement and color of lighting is also fun to use. If light is limited to the edge of the glass for glass pane etchings, the detail will glow, as the diffent textures glow with different intensities.

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