Hemlockhill Glass Works
Passion for etched glass.
Growing up around artists, gave me an appreciation for various mediums and the artists who work with them. Many of my family members we well known artists, my mother and Grand Father both have their work in the library of congress, my great uncle who may have been widely know as has shown at the Chicago art institute.
Where I fell in love and learned about glass etching.
A friend of mine took me to meet a friend of his who ran a glass works shop named classic glass, located just west of Washington DC, where he created stained glass and etched glass works of art and repaired stained glass pieces.
Mediums and specialities I have worked with, are a combination of stained glass and clear glass, including embedding stained glass into clear glass, by cutting out a center section of the clear glass in inserting stained glass giving a point of focus. multi depth etching giving works a 3D look.